Swissair Gazette, März 2001


Photography is the art of stolen moments. In a flash, one hundredth of a second is snatched from eternity and captured on print. The photograph tells us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes but proves how little our eyes permit us to see. The work of Swiss photographer Tiziana De Silvestro can be interpreted in many different ways. Central to it all, however, is the theme of disorientation and displacement, a sensation familiar to anyone who has lived or worked overseas. The photographer places herself in acrowd, a fixed point in afluid body.

This mass of people rushes past, entering and exiting her frame in a matter of seconds. Blurred yet focused, each person is fixed on their final destination. Just as the traveller has a point of reference – a city, a building, an office, a friend – so too do people in these photographs. Camouflaged by anonymity, De Silvestro enters their private world, free to observe life in all its guises.
«I make my home in the space between the camera and the image,» she says. «Not visible but present.»

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Copyright © Tiziana De Silvestro